Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Business idea № 10: Library Store

Even though e-books and audio books are sprouting up everywhere, they still could not replace the smell of a new book, the feel of a turning a nice page and holding a hardbound book while sipping on a cup of coffee.

And though it would be hard to compete against the top bookstores, that might just be the advantage you have.

Combining a library - where people could read to their heart's content the best books in the world, while giving them the option of purchasing these books should they want to gives you the best of both worlds. Not to mention the very high possibility of adding a mini-cafe so that the readers can sip on their coffee and grab a meal while reading.

The profit would come in the membership or entrance fee to have access to books, from the book purchases should there be any and of course the food and beverage sales.

Sure, fully booked and other bookstores allow you to read, but at the end of the day, you couldn't go there and stay the whole day without feeling guilty that you didn't buy anything. Plus there seats are few and far in between, not to mention, uncomfortable.

So the store must be simple, very comfortable and spacious enough to accommodate readers and customers.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Business idea № 9: Food Stands

Food is a staple product and thus there will always be an endless demand for food and an appetite for new and delicious dishes out there.

So share you favorite food and turn it into a business. :)

Can't cook? Hire a cook to make the dishes for you.

You can start small by offering the food in your neighborhood, a simple food stand along the street with a few tables will suffice.

If you have the resources though, a restaurant would be a great avenue for your business.

Just be reminded that you need to test your market before launching your food product, or any other product for that matter. Have some free tasting sessions and see how your "customers" think about your food.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Business Idea № 8: Corporate Transportation

While I know that a few of the top corporations already provide shuttle and bus transport services for their employees, there is still quite a huge market for a transport provider for corporate employees.

Basically the idea is to approach the corporations and sell to them the idea of providing transportation for their employees.

Think school bus -- only this time for corporations and offices.

Some of the perks if this works?

  • There will be less cars on the road (good for traffic and the environment)
  • Employees wont have to deal with the stress of a long drive or commute
  • Employees get to work relaxed and rested
  • No more stress caused by the lack of parking spaces

Put premium in being able to bring people to and from work in comfort and style. Nowadays in this fast-moving world of ours, that's something to be appreciated.

"Let's turn ideas into reality."

Business Idea № 7: Tutorial Center

One thing that will never run out in this world is the concept of "Learning." Everyday, more and more emphasis is being put on learning and education and that is a wonderful opportunity for you to share your passion and earn a significant income whether part time or full-time.

It's time to use the education you had, the learnings from the trainings you attended, the experiences you've gained through the years.

Keep in mind that learning need not be academic nor should it be limited to books and computers. Learning can be facilitated everywhere. 

This is a business idea. Make it happen.


Business Idea № 6: START ONLINE

If you don't have the luxury of the time, nor the benefits to have your own office, start from home and start in front of the computer.

Give yourself a goal to make a certain amount of money from your online business within 6 months. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Online you can make full use of a wide array of business opportunities such as buying and selling, online marketing, webpage making, blogging and social networking.

Again as I continue to emphasize, take advantage of what you know best and what you do best. Then take it online. Advertise online, optimize the social networks, learn the ropes by researching online.

The most important part is that you start something.

Getting into the habit of making businesses and making money by doing what you want and what you love doing is a key to success.

Here's a useful guide for you. Go check it out and start your own business. :)

Business idea № 5: The Eye Cam!

Ever saw something so beautiful or something touching and yet you get frustrated because you either 1) have no camera or 2) By the time you took your camera out, the moment has already passed?

Then with the eye camera (sort of like a spy camera with a camera in the middle of a typical eyeglass only more fashionable and cheaper), you never have to miss those moments again. Just with a simple push of a button and it will take the image/moment that you want to remember forever.

(A security measure for perverts and those with evil intentions must be made though so that the camera wont be used to violate anybody.)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Business Idea № 4: Jollipops! The Happy Lollipops!

They say that candy and sugar can uplift spirits, improve moods and give energy to people. Well, let's do this for all those with negative feelings.

"Lick your negative feelings away."

Can you imagine a lollipop with a sad face on the exterior and upon licking the lollipop the expression changes into a happy face? That's a jollipop.

That would be something fun and de-stressing to eat. :)

Imagine just walking around spreading good mood with your jollipops. Then this world would be so much brighter.


Oh yeah, please be reminded to treat each entry with a grain of salt. :)